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      After graduating from American High School in İstanbul, Sinem Calisir went to study fashion design at FIT in New York and continued her studies at Polimoda Firenze and graduated from Marangoni School in Milan. Her many years of work experience in Italy include many areas of design, as well as brands such as Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.
      With a mission to redefine femininity, quality and comfort in the lingerie sector, Simi was launched in 2017 by founder and designer Sinem Calisir.
      The collection is designed and constructed with precision and care at own Atelier based in İstanbul.
      The brand’s mission is to promote women’s employment maintaining a healthy working environment. Simi is dedicated to empowerment of women to become a part of the creation, to build and lead.


      Everything starts with the fabric and that’s what inspires me-the very first touch. I have an idea of shape, often not very specific. When I see different materials, I immediately get ideas about colors and how I want to mix them. Everything falls into place. It is almost like a methodical interpretation of the feeling given by the materials. I have two key themes: freshness and fantasy to create styles that feel as good as they look. Each piece is made with loads of love in the best qualities and the passion for savoir faire and fine workmanship.


      All women are beautiful. And it is my job to enhance that quality by creating an opportunity to step out of time and take a moment for oneself.
      I consider lingerie as part of the outfit – the first skin,the mood for the day and so it’s no longer just for anniversaries or special occasions.
      I prefer to create lingerie not for the viewer but for the comfort and confidence of the wearer. I want my client to genuinely feel good, confident and in harmony with her femininity.